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Our Educational Activities

These days we can find we are surrounded by technology everywhere. The technical demands have reached so high that, this has started a new trend among many to choose a technical career. Aspirants are looking for a suitable platform, where they can learn and experience different technological career courses. So the importance for a proper technical institution is always in high demand.

One of the most important technological advancement is Computers and Internet. These things have evolved so much that, this is a promising career for many wanna be professionals. PC Doctors.NET understands its social responsibility to create better professionals from the today’s youth. Keeping the future needs in mind, we have planned some technical education courses that’ll give a right direction to these youths towards a career of their choice. In fact who knows these technologies better than us? We know what are the things in demand? What is being practiced? Where are we going get more progress? What could be a better career choice?

We organize career making camps among youths in various technical universities and give them the idea of different opportunities available in the IT industry. We organize free tests to their present skills, and depending upon the test result we find there area of interest and give them what career in IT industry they must choose.

Computers and Internet technologies are evolving every day and we keep our students updated with the latest technologies. That helps them getting a good opportunity in any respectable organization. More than money, we promote technical education, for a better future of our youth. We consider it as a noble job and we do it as a social responsibility to share our knowledge among them who need it.

We provide both online and offline courses. To enroll yourself for a career making program, please send us a mail at

On-Job Training

How important it’s to get a kick start career? People are spending so much money for getting a proper degree. But the degree became valueless, when it comes to get a proper job. The reason is very clear; no one has got the time to educate freshers. Everyone needs experienced candidates, who can start work from the day 1 and can help the organization make money. They are not wrong entirely. They are doing business, so they’ll be expecting their employees to make money for them. But how come one will gain experience if never given a chance to prove themselves.

PC Doctors.NET takes this as a responsibility to create experts from novice. We give these freshers an opportunity to prove there selves. We give the right amount of motivation and moral support to take on responsibilities and complete them. We rectify and educate them, when we find errors.


PC Doctors.NET understands its social responsibility more than anything. We know, there are many people around us, who need our help and care very badly. A society can only be better if all living hood in the society is good. PC Doctors.NET support many such activities run by many other charitable organizations.

PC Doctors.NET is committed to fulfill its all social responsibilities, so we have been working with many charitable organizations from a long time. These charitable organizations provide Free Health/Food/Drinking Water/Shelter to all who need these services badly.

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