Social and Charitable Actives

COVID-19 CRISIS Management

Covid-19 is an unprecedented event in most of modern human history. It has taken the lives of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. More than that, it has destroyed the livelihood of Billions of people all over the world. In a third world country like India, where at least 35% of the total population of 1.38bn depends on Daily wage and had to stay indoors due to lockdown and shutdowns. It has been a massive blow to their daily source of income. When social distancing is the new norm for everyday people, they are deprived of their jobs and only income source. The world economy is at an all-time low and trying to get back on its feet again. These people are low, but they are proud. They would die of hunger, but they won’t beg.

As a company that believes in the concept of growing together, we can’t ignore these needy people. As a responsible firm that knows its social role, we took matters into our own hands. If nothing, we could at least provide food to these people, and that’s what we do. We have been involved directly and indirectly with many organizations that provide food for proper nutrition, masks, and sanitizers to these people. Until this pandemic is averted, we have decided a significant portion of our net revenue shall be dedicated to helping strengthen the people in need.

We don’t publish images of people we help. We don’t support the needy to gain popularity or to show the vulnerability of other people. Rich or poor, we believe everyone has a right to privacy. We are here to help the person in need without hurting their prejudice in society.

We are doing to help the people in need would not have been possible without the help and support of you all. For this, we would want to thank you for your constant support and trust in our organization.

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