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PC Doctors.NET was started in the year 2010, with a vision to provide qualitative and affordable web services all around the world. To help elevate businesses / institutions to gain highest peak using Internet as the medium. Having been able to reach over 100’s of clients worldwide in about 20+ countries in a short period of 6 years with having business partners in each country, We sort of think that we are kind of successful in our mission so far. Having said that, it does not stop us from working even harder to reach more and more individuals / corporate and taking our services to them.

PC Doctors.NET operates as an Off Shore company, that deals with various web services like Web Hosting, Web Development, Web Designing, E-Commerce solutions, Payment Gateway solutions, SEO Services etc. So far it has been a roller coaster for us. After getting a lot of esquires for Smart Phone Application, we started our own Mobile Application Development service division a while back. We have been able to deliver a few mobile phone applications in both Android and IOS platforms.

PC Doctors.NET is very young in the web industry but the team behind this institution is much more experienced. Our Management team as well as our Sr. support team has more than 10+ years’ experience in this industry. We are located at the South Eastern part on India. Our corporate office is located at Bhubaneswar. We also operate our Development and Support services from our corporate office. We have an extended team of developers spread all major cities in India.

PC Doctors.NET has already been acknowledged as a reliable software company by many corporations spanning across all the continents. We have a major client base in US, UK and Canada, where we have been able to establish our strength more than any where else in the world.


  • Best Creative Team
  • Faster Response Time
  • Competitive Development Team
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Flexible Payment Structures
  • Fastest After Sales Support
  • Experienced Sales Team
  • Free Consulting
  • On Time Delivery


The current era is all about internet. A statistic says that about 2 billion population in the world uses Internet. It can be safely said that, about half a billion population uses Internet in there daily life. Social Community has become a part of life for most teenagers. With the introduction of Smart Phones, messaging and VoIP solutions has become a global phenomenon. Now people uses internet for Personal, Social, Business, Knowledge, Entertainment and all such purposes. With the increasing number of Internet users, the necessity to get known online has become so much important for all businesses, Institutions and Individuals.

With the increasing number of Internet users, and businesses that wants to be seen online, the number of service providers have also increased. The only reason we stand out from all these competitors is because we are true to our words. Our service has always been top notch. We offer the best pricing in the industry for the services which are second to none. We understand your expectations from a website and we know how to take care of it.

Our single objective is to make your website a visual treat for all the visitors. We offer a complete 100% OBLIGATIONS FREE consulting. So we let you know about the various technicalities involve in a website business so you can take the right decision. Once you have the real idea about the technology, you would not be deceived by other peoples. So basically we’ll not only help you make a great website, we’ll also educate you with the various things involved in a website.

Another important thing about the websites is that, it’s not the development only thing you may need. That means website in itself is a complete package. There is a domain name, web hosting, web design and development involved in a website. Additionally if you want to get a better search engine ranking and good social media optimization, you would need additonal help. That means building a website and getting leads through a website can take you to some extensive steps, talking to different vendors. Explain the requirement to everyone. The thing could be really tiring, instead if you could just talk to one person, who can get you all the services you need. PC Doctors.NET is just the right solutions for all your worries and headaches. Because with us, you could get a complete DEVELOPMENT to DEPLOYMENT support from us. Which would ultimately result in peace of mind for you. You can relax or focus more on your business while we build the platform for you, taking the all the complexity on to us.

Another most important thing about a website is, website hosting. What if you have a good website, with good traffic, but the server is always down. When people visit your website and it does not show up or it’s terribly slow, will it do any good to you? Off-course not! So we are here to provide you with a solution that gives 100% Uptime Guarantee, 24×7 Network monitor and Fully Managed services for your website hosting. Trust me, we are really good at this and you can check our client’s testimonials for that.

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