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We often talk about the endless possibilities that a website could get to our business. But it’s about time we need to test that fact.

Why do we make a website for our business?

To increase our sales or get more leads or get more visitors to our products or services.

Are we the only one in the industry for the products/services we deal with?

Mostly not. In every kind of business, we have to deal with our competitors.

Is making a website is enough to grow the business?

Apparently not. Because there are several thousand websites available, they’re providing the same kind of products/services/solutions?

What do we need to do to grow our business online?


Every business has competitors. The only way one company can get more attention online is by listing higher in the search engines. The more people visit your website, the more business you can get out of it.

We all want to get more amount of business and increase our client base. But then the question arises How we could do that. How can we make use of the internet to bring real people to our website? How can we make these strangers visit our products and purchase products from us?

The solution for all such questions is just one thing, “Search Engine Optimization.” With a good website ranking and proper backlinks, you can take your business to the top of all your competitors in this virtual world called the Internet. A good search engine ranking is a must to have for all website owners. SEO is a time consuming but most effective way to bring real traffic to your website. With more people coming to your site, you can generate more leads for your business.

Search Engine Optimization can be expensive and labor-intensive, and it also takes time to produce real results. There are some cheap methods available to get a higher search ranking in search engines, but they mostly offer a temporary solution. These more affordable solutions include some automated tools that do various SEO Operations to get your site to the top of search engines. But the use of such devices is formidable in the case of Seach Engines. Sooner or later, search engine programs find the truth about using such tools, and then the website that has used such technology to get to the top of search engines can be removed from the search engines or delisted. Either of which, after a certain period, the time and money you had spent on getting on top of the Search Engines using such tools, becomes useless.

PC Doctors.NET’s innovative SEO solutions are just the thing that you need to give that required amount of momentum to your business website. We take care of every technicality that is necessary to make a website search engine friendly. You’ll not have to worry about a thing, and your website would be at the top of all major search engines for your selected keyword/product/service name. We don’t use any tools to create backlinks, so all the backlinks we design are entirely organic. All you’ll have to do is go through our weekly progress report and keep an eye on the SEO’s overall progress.

The best thing about PC Doctors.NET SEO Services is that you’ll live a whole zero worry life as we’ll be taking care of all your brand endorsement. All you’ll have to do is focus on your business while we take care of everything rest. We’ll do everything that requires your brand recognition in the internet world. The following are some of the stuff we’ll do for you in SEO.


  • Adding Meta Information like Meta Title, Meta Keyword, Meta Description
  • Adding ALT text for images
  • Validating the site through W3C Validator
  • Fixing the broken DIV’s and Style Sheet elements
  • Creating Robot.txt and Sitemap.XML Files


  • Solid Back linking
  • Proper Bookmarking
  • Forum/Blog Posting
  • Directory Submission
  • Sitemap Submission to Search Engines
  • Social Media Integration
  • Business Classified Submission
  • Keyword Analysis and Propagation
  • Article Submission
  • Helping with FAQ and Knowledge-base
  • Press Release Submission
  • Complete Social Media Optimization
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